Blood Moon Rising

Below you’ll find a copy and paste from facebook.  It’s a movie review…sorta.  It might be helpful for when you are hurtin’ for something weird to watch…..

“Been filtering through a long list of werewolf movies trying to decide what might be worth 90 minutes of my life. I came across a review of “Blood Moon Rising” (2009) at IMDb
“…Along the way, there’s zombies and biker gangs and vampires and werewolves … all in a glorious cluster**** of a movies… almost a spoof of zombie-Satan-vampire-werewolf [aliens] movies.” [Uuuh, I would say forget the word “almost”]

With a review like that how can I resist? It just started…..looks like it will not disappoint. There’s even a treat for Ash v. The Evil Dead fans and a nod toward spaghetti westerns/Clint Eastwood. (FYI – look carefully at the artwork….featuring Ron Jeremy!! Also, a Caroline Munro look-like! )”blood moon rising movie

Blood Moon Rising-3

Blood Moon Rising-4

Blood Moon Rising-5

Blood Moon Rising-6

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